White symmetry


DSC_2172Early morning after the biggest snowfall of the last 20 years here. I was fascinated by the symmetry given by the trees and the garden seats. Also the “sky” done by the branches was intriguing. The image is b/w, but there were so little different colors, that also in color would have been almost the same.

Update: this is my first image which has been accepted on 1X, a very interesting artsproject. If you like great images, take a look there.

Update2: This image was selected as a noteworthy in the Photofriday challenge with the “White” theme on 20 January 2009. Thanks to all who voted for this image!

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  1. Nice eerie BW, very beautiful indeed. We have at least 5 times more snow in the winter every year 😉

  2. Great image! Simple & beautiful.
    By the way, thank you for making a comment on my photoblog. You are very welcome to do so again!

  3. 1X (onexposure) is a terrible place ! don’t go there if you’re not sure of your talent :-)))) but it’s like a consecration to have a picture accepted !
    You can be proud, this view is perfect

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