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These are some awards/acknowledgements I got with my images:

My personal exhibition (April 19-26, 2009) at the BIS Art Gallery in Buttigliera Alta, Turin (Italy) got an amazing number of visitors, despite the bad weather conditions for the whole show period. I would like to thank all the visitor who went to see it: I hope you saw something which appealed you.

Personal exhibition leaflet


Some of my pictures are present on Flickr too (, and some of them were selected as “Flickr Explore” (they can be retrieved searching for”Explore“)

In the past my imageAbove the cloudshas been awarded at the “Internazionale Italia Arte 2009” international exhibition and prize (participants from 10 worldwide countries) on March 29, 2009 in Turin. Being my first participation in an international show like this, I’m very happy of the result.

There were also another interesting weekly picture contest called “Photofriday” (now it does not exist anymore), and some images were selected as “Noteworthy” (can be retrieved searching for “Noteworthy“)

I was also admitted on on on 12 January 2009.

A ham-radio enthusiast asked me the permit ot use Eremo Antenna Towers image on his blog and use it as a QSL postcard. Of course I agreed!


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