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I‘ve born close to Turin, and started with photography in the secondary school (with b/w and the darkroom in my house bath). My profession regards computers (I’m lucky enough to have a job I like much).

With my images I try to communicate the emotion and feelings I’ve felt when I took them. To attempt reaching this objective, I use any technique I believe could help in transmitting these feelings to who’s looking at my pictures. Of course this is very hard to obtain, also because I think that anyone of us has a personal vision about the surrounding world, as well as an image I feel interesting could not arouse in others the same impression which gave to me.

For this reason the comments are very welcome, and will be kept in great consideration. I would thank you for any comment, positive or negative: I will appreciate them a lot.

© Copyright: all the images are copyright of Massimo Belloni and can’t be reproduced without explicit permission by the author . Please anyway note that I have no problem to give the permit if I like the proposed usage of the image. Drop me a line…

My favicon: Just in case you are squeezing your eyes trying to decipher what it is, here you can see it enlarged. The basic idea is quite simple: over that the overlapping MB characters (which I’ve used from long time), I’ve used as background the typical scheme of the Bayer mosaic sensor used in most of the digital cameras, where 50% of the pixels are sensible to the green, 25% to the red and 25% to the blue. That’s all folks!

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