WAG 2009 – paragliding accuracy


DSC_3914The World Air Games, take place in Turin (Italy) from 6 to 9 June 2009 (you can see a lot of infos on the WAG2009 website). I’m one of the judges for the Paragliding Accuracy competition, which is on the Avigliana lake: The landing spot is on a raft in the lake (the same used by the paragliding aerobatics, hang-gliding aerobatics and speed-run competition). I don’t have much spare time to take photos during my duty as judge, but I’m lucky to be in a privileged position, so I was able to get some pictures while on the landing field. This is one of them. Hope you like it…

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  1. Nice to be a judge – Good for you I am happy for you that you have that honour. And as you say, it is a good spot to get a few photos when you can.

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