10 Thoughts to “Trees, cornfields and clouds”

  1. Really nice HDR shot and worth the stop. I like the golden color of the ground against the (very well done!) sky.

  2. Max .. thanks for your visit, nice HDRi work

  3. Un traitement impressionnant mais un peu forcé. Les blancs sont brulés

  4. Nice shot. This convinces me even more to pick up hdr!

  5. Well done HDR image.

  6. Excellent HDR sky is cool and the colours are outstanding well done!

  7. very nice the 3d cloud perspective!

  8. Love the simplicity of the image and the processing. Really nice!

  9. Nice photo – I wish I knew what HDR is so I could make sense of some of the comments…but I am merely a fan of photography, and I very much like this photo.

  10. beautiful landscape and colors … nicely done!

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