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Sunrise among poplars

dsc_1604Travelling to Milan on the highway I was looking to the autumn sunrise. When I saw on the side a poplar field, I quickly stopped to take this risky photo with the sun among them. Why risky? Because the poplar are thin, and the wind easily move them, so a multiple HDR shot means having some ghosts in the image. If you look carefully, you can see them. They can be corrected, of course, but I found that they gave to the image some kind of 3D appearance, so I left them.

7 thoughts on “Sunrise among poplars”

  1. Davvero una bella immagine.
    Mi ha molto colpito la resa tonale e solo successivamente ho letto che è un HDR.
    E’ un HDR davvero ben eseguito che mantiene un’ottima naturalezza dei colori.
    Ancora complimenti!

  2. A impressive HDR shot!
    The framing, colors and composition are all great and the nice soft blur in the front form the wind goes very well with the rising suns fight against morning fog.

    We are impressed by your HDR shots, are you aware that comment form is closed on some of them? We can not leave comments there so we take the oportunity to say it here; Great job! Keep up the good work and shoot HDR!!

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