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Rivoli by night

DSC_2061I had some spare time to spend, so I climbed up to the square in front of the Rivoli castle, with the Collegiata Alta bell-tower and Turin hill in the background . Even if not late, it was almost night, and i took some shots to get some colors which are available just for few minutes at the dusk. Color balance in this kind of image is always a compromise, and the contrast between the cold sky and the warm artificial light usually results in nice postcard-like pictures, especially using HDR technique.

8 thoughts on “Rivoli by night”

  1. There is a lot of interest in this scene – the impressive bell tower looming up in front of the myriad of lit buildings and the form of Turin Hill in the background. It’s a very nice image. The cool blue natural light and the warm artificial light make a good mix as well.

  2. Just to add: I think you managed the HDR quite well – it’s very subtle and not at all overdone. At first you don’t even notice it’s a HDR image.

  3. Some say the best time of a day is..
    A day is best at all time when the mood is right-on..

    Soothing mood crafted – A lovely depiction!

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