Peaks coming out

DSC_4624I was in mountain during a quite gray day. Sometimes a small clear patch happened in the clouds, and I was lucky enough to capture these peaks which came out for few minutes. They make me think to a dreamy atmosphere. The picture was taken in Lanzo valley (NW Italy)

6 Thoughts to “Peaks coming out”

  1. graz

    Max, I’m speechless!! After all those years working fairly close it has to be through FB that I discover your genius!! I saw all the pics and I really cannot say which one I like the most. And the descriptions also!! Well, thumbs up my friend!! you’re really great.

    graz, morta di invidia ;-)))

  2. absolutely love this shot.

    How, exactly, did you get so high up?! haha

  3. Excellent shot, love the dark contrasts and lighting. Almost looks like another planet or world.

  4. Herrliche Aufnahme, mit dem gewissen “Etwas” in b/w!

  5. La niebla ha conseguido apoderarse de todo a su paso, me encanta!!!

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