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Clouds and rooftops


I was coming back home when I saw that clouds, with the classical cauliflower-like shape (quite unusual in autumn season), and when I tried to look at them with the camera, I saw the red of the rooftops, which  I did not noticed very well previously, so I included them in the picture.

7 thoughts on “Clouds and rooftops”

  1. A nice image with lots of potential. IMO, the tone mapping did not succeed very well. There are too many halos between the houses/roof and clouds (at the border the roofs are very dark and the clouds very light). The walls of the houses look much brighter than the big cloud. The combination of those two makes the image looking very surreal and unnatural.
    I would try to re-tone map the HDR image because the composition, framing and subject are all very very good.

  2. Love these houses. Where was this taken? The sharp roofs into the puffy clouds, the contrasting color and fabulous composition below the horizon line… awesome picture.

  3. I think it was a great idea to include the roof tops in the scene. Even if cloud formations are really great, including some foreground seems to make them look even better, IMHO. The roof colors here are excellent.

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