Above the clouds

DSC_2196Flying over the Alps, coming back home in the evening, I noticed the clouds below moved by strong winds in many waves, following the orography of the mountains. I found interesting this effect, especially if compared with the clear sky over them. I choose to use black and white because it stress the attention to the wave shapes.

Update: this image has been one of the 15  most popular pictures in the weekly themes by VFXY for the July 24, 2009 week, when the theme was “Null or Empty” 

4 Thoughts to “Above the clouds”

  1. Wow, beautiful, looks so calm and wide.

  2. Beautiful! Always afraid to turn on my camera when flying, those flight attendants are vicious re: electronics

  3. Every time I fly I either never gets the window seat or the window is too dirty to take a picture out off.

    Top photo, great choice re: B&W.

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