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05-NOV-2011: Today reached 100.000 visits!


My personal exhibition (April 19-26, 2009) at the BIS Art Gallery in Buttigliera Alta, Turin (Italy) got an amazing number of visitors, despite the bad weather conditions for the whole show period. I would like to thank all the visitor who went to see it: I hope you saw something which appealed you.

My exhibition invitation


Update: my image “Above the clouds” has been awarded at the “Internazionale Italia Arte 2009″ international exhibition and prize (participants from 10 worldwide countries) on March 29, 2009 in Turin.

One of my images has been selected to participate at the Italia Arte 2009 International Exhibition and prize, which will take place in Turin at Villa Gualino, from March 25 to April 6, 2009 (award ceremony on March 28).

Here below is the invitation. There will be several categories (paintings, engraving, sculpture, photograpy installation -performance -video art-computer art).

If you have some spare time, you will be welcome! I’ll be there both for the opening and for the prize ceremony.

Internazionale Italia Arte 2009 invitation


10-DEC-2008: The Sidney High School teacher Christine A. Smith, mentioned this blog to her students (digital photography course)  as an example to follow about how to publish images on their wikipages. I’m blushing… 😳
09-NOV-2008: Changed the theme color from dark to light.
20-OCT-2008: Fixed some dust spot on the sensor (some image comment correctly point to this). Official Nikon laboratories in Italy has done the job.
30-SEP-2008: Added viewed page statistics (so the real number of views start today again from 0)
25-SEP-2008: Today is born!