Notre Dame du Roc

DSC_3151NIKON D40X (18mm, f/5.6, 1/400 sec, ISO100)
A wonderful small church over the town of Castellane (Haute Provence – South of France). The church is placed on the top of a rock, which, even if when seen from the town looks a demanding hike, is an easy and nice walk of half-hour. When on the top, I was fascinated by how the church is well amalgamented with the mountain, and by the silence. The presence of nice clouds helped me to take this shoot when resting on the side of the  rock.

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4 Responses to Notre Dame du Roc

  1. great shot!! I realli like it!

  2. aleksarus says:

    very beautiful place, is pleased to be there to walk 🙂

  3. MD says:

    Beautiful shot and great colours!

  4. Justin Scott says:

    beautiful shot. somehow my google reader wasn’t updating me on your site, glad that was fixed! always great work.

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