White Countryside

DSC_1883NIKON D40X (112mm, f/5.6, 1/13 sec, ISO100)
Early morning (I like this period of the day), travelling in coutryside, I saw that abandoned farm. There was still snow on the ground (even if not just fallen down). I was intrigued too by the solitary and naked trees: there’s a sum between the empty building, the lonely trees and the flat white ground. Loneliness maybe the right word to describe it

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4 Responses to White Countryside

  1. gavin hart says:

    Good point Max about the loneliness. I sometimes wonder about the reasons for abandoned farms – broken dreams? deceased estates? You have framed farm buildings are nicely between the foreground trees. The warm colors in the sky rescue the scene from utter coldness. Actually visually a very pleasant photo.

  2. Vink says:

    A superb landscape ! Beautiful !

  3. fabrizio de martini says:

    bravo !!!! bella incradatura e un bel effetto soft .. hai usato PS per il fotoritocco ???

  4. Fabry says:

    Complimenti, le tue foto, più le guardo e più mi piacciono. BRAVO

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