Underground hallway

dsc_1684NIKON D40X (18mm, f/18, 7.1 sec, ISO100)

I took this picture inspired by the silence of the moment and the aluminium of the chair, a solitary presence in a solitary hallway. I think this description is a bit emblematic about some aspect of modern life.

I was tempted to convert the picture in B/W, but looking better I found the general “champagne” tonality of the image, which has anyway very few colors, appealing with this dominance, so I choose to keep it as is.

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10 Responses to Underground hallway

  1. Marcie says:

    I like the mood this suggests and creates. A sense of solitude..of aloneness. Very nice!

  2. crash says:

    lonely old chair !

  3. Great toning, I like the colors! While viewing this image I was wondering where this picture was taken. maybe at a hospital?

  4. Great work! Well done!

  5. Looks like the portrait of a lonely chair – interesting image – we really feel the solitude and the silence of that place..- well done !
    Jean marc

  6. Well seen and good capture. Excellent choices of composition and colors.

  7. Justin Scott says:

    You made a great choice keeping the color. The flatness of the blue, white and gray make for a perfect background to the red that pops out behind the chair against the far end of the wall. I just love this picture, it might be my favorite of yours so far!

  8. Nice perspective here, great composition too…

  9. Phototherapy says:

    This is a winner! great ambiance, almost surnatural, surreal.

  10. IvyC. says:

    Wonderful toning – Great Eye!

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